Carolina Cat Videos

If you want a great ride and the simplicity and convenience of a smaller trailerable boat, you've found the right cat, Carolina Cat. In a Carolina Cat 18 or one of the 23-footers, you can venture offshore in Miami when the weather is right and fish the flats of the Florida Keys. These super shallow draft catamarans deliver offshore performance of boats twice their size!  Or, you can take the family to the Islamorada sandbar party with the Carolina Cat's draft and beaching ease. Whatever you chose to do, your Carolina Cat provides the safety and security of the best foot-for-foot ride on the water. Nothing else comes close!

Carolina Cat hull designs are the secret to their super smooth ride. Whether you are crossing the sound to a barrier island or heading offshore where the big ones bite, your Carolina Cat parts the waves like no boats in its class. Carolina Cats are planing catamaran hulls, so they get up and run on top just like a monohull, the difference is that a Carolina Cat cuts the re-entry water shock in half, so you and your crew get home in one piece.

Easy to trailer. Fun to run. The draft of a small skiff. Carolina Cats are all-composite, tough offshore/inshore catamarans. They are a joy to run in the short chop or the larger offshore swell.  There's a great reason our Carolina Cat slogan is "Let's ride!" That's because a no obligation sea trial will have you jumping for joy at the Carolina Cat performance.

The incredible ride of a Carolina Cat 18 or 23-footer will make you think you are in a much larger boat. So, if you want to venture offshore and still want smaller boat convenience and price tag, there's no boat like a Carolina Cat.

No other boat in its size range rides like a Carolina Cat. But don't take our word for it; watch our video and take a demo ride at your Carolina Cat dealership, Unique Marine!

 It's a Carolina Cat. Let's ride!

Carolina Cat 23 DC